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Welcome to E-auction

Please follow the steps for taking your special registration number for the e-auction:-
1. Open the website
2. Click on e-Auction link.
3. Create an account by signing up. Ignore this step if you are already registered, kindly login directly to your account.
   To begin, fill in your first name, last name and your email address.

4. Password link will be sent to your email id
5. Enter the e-Auction portal with the given login id and password (change the password in first login, to keep your access personal and secure.)
6. Click on register for auction.
7. Choose the available desired special registration number.
8. Verify your personal details, your identity proof etc.
9. Click on Pay the base price button to pay base price.
10. Start bidding with your special registration number.
11. Check your e-Auction account regularly to see
what are the new special numbers which are ready for auction bidding.

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Welcome to 'e-Auction System' For Reservation of Special Registration Number,

'e-Auction System' is being introduced with a view of bringing transparency into the system of allocation of special registration number.

Registration Numbers of extreme demand having some specific sequence which makes your communication identity simpler are termed as Vanity/Fancy/Premium Numbers. These numbers are segregated into different patterns depending on their sequence of repetition and representation.

Now the Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh intends to set a platform in order to make these Premium numbers available for the vehicle owners who are more fascinated towards Special Registration Numbers.

As the demand is extremely high these numbers are pooled for auction so that every individual can make out a chance to get the special registration number of their choice by participating in Auction conducted on this website. As a whole, this website sets a transparent medium which opens a way to explore our valuable services to the citizens.

Since this system will involve integrated system wherein there will be minimal human interference thus awarding special registration number to the highest bidder.

In case payment is debited from your bank account but confirmation not received yet, then please contact MPOnline customer care on
Phone : 0755-4019400 - 06 Email :
For other queries, Please Contact
Phone : 9425609083, 9425609086, Email :


Reg. Number: MP22S0061
Number Category: SCOOTER
Base Price: 5000
Winner Amount: 5000
Declared On: 22/05/2020 02:03 AM

Reg. Number: MP18M1112
Number Category: MOTOR CYCLE
Base Price: 5000
Winner Amount: 5000
Declared On: 22/05/2020 02:03 AM

Reg. Number: MP34CA0123
Number Category: CAR/JEEP[Upto 6+1]
Base Price: 25000
Winner Amount: 25000
Declared On: 22/05/2020 02:03 AM

Reg. Number: MP43EF9999
Base Price: 7000
Winner Amount: 7000
Declared On: 22/05/2020 02:03 AM